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SMART Executive Director Report, May 31, 2017 Update:

SMART’s Best, Sustaining Success:   SMART PROC, Annual SB Procurement Conference

 Average Results of 15 Annual SMART PROCs since 2001:

 Speakers and Exhibitors; 90 Speakers (Below) and 54 Exhibits

Total Participation; 514 (1st had 86; last 4 topped 750)

                                                                     Speakers   Attendees

            - Congressional Caucus                       6        10      

            - Fed Executive Branch  DC HQs       10       11

            - International Allies                            2          2       

            - State Government                             2          4

            - Local Gov’t                                         5        14       


            - Academia                                           8        17

            - Major Business                                15        55

            - SB                                                      37        281

            - Gov’t Labs / Field Agencies         20          71

            - Professional Associations           10          49

                                                                        90        514

  Top 4 Major Programs

Data Programs Summit, Fall 2017; IT/Commo and All Others (Joint Group Program):

            - Data Programs Integration Summit #2; Jaurigue (PA), Kirk (MD) & Stanzione (NJ)

                        -- #1 requested by Assist SecArmy for Acq, Logistics & Tech

                        -- APG host, outside the gate at Cecil College

                        -- AM Session on Data Programs; PM Session on Priority Applications

Advanced Manufacturing Tech:

            - Top 2016 priority for Congressman Hoyer

            - Mid-Atlantic Grant; Mike Galiazzo (MD) & William Marshall (NJ)

                        -- May 10th, first major meeting in Baltimore

                        -- DE, NJ & PA working sessions will follow summer 2017 


            - Curacao-MultiCommodity Center; Bob Carullo (NJ) & George Kearns (PA)

                        -- Based upon successful Dubai model, with senior level team (from Dubai)

            - European Union Grant, “Getting To Know Europe” two year seminar series; DC to NYC

            - International Summit #2, Capitol Hill, DC; Sept 2017; #1 had 17 Embassies, expect ~25.

             - Proposed stand-up of “Exchange Centers” for both Saudi Arabia and India.



            - Government Acquisition Reform; Eugene DelCoco (PA) & Bob Carullo (NJ)

                        -- USN CNO Office is engaged w/ multiple other DoD offices

                        -- Challenging due to Trump Admin changes, but much DoD interest.


Active Groups Can Develop Into Major SMART Programs:

Health Care; Debbie Burrell (MD)

        - SMART PROC 15 year successes and current Opioid issues

Agriculture/Food Tech; Kevin Doyle (PA)

        - Current, local region Urban Ag programs in PA, MD & DC w/ active STEM components.

STEM Education/Workforce Development; Tony Fowler (MD) & Joan Michel (MD)

        - Multiple, local region STEM programs and International, Real World Design Challenge 

Veterans Affairs; Byron Roth (PA) & in each state Dep Chairs

         - Most active Group, 16 Meetings. 5 Major; much collaboration with ESGR, States & VSOs


HLS/Cyber/Public Safety; R. Brzenchek (PA) & Debbie Burrell (MD)

         - Much past activity; re-building Group w/ MD Cyber Triangle & US DHS S&T Directorate

Other Group/Committee Activities: Developing Programs:

Global Diversity & Inclusion; Dr Joi Spraggins (PA) & Steve Dawson (NJ)

Transportation/Infrastructure; Paul Labow (PA), Bart Muller (NJ) & MD DoT

Economic Development; Rob Mazzuca (NJ)

SMART Women In STEM; Kathy Brunner (PA), Debbie Burrell (MD) & Mandi Love (NJ)

Further info will be added as new efforts develop.

Please contact Bob Carullo to follow up any opportunities at or 609-304-2904.

SMART Advantage

The SMART Congressional initiative is the integration of regional Science & Technology activities for issues, events & projects among the SMART Congressional Delegation (8 Senators and 39 Representatives of DE, MD, NJ & PA), the Federal Executive Branch DC HQs, our International Allies, the four State governments (Executive & Legislative branches) and the regional technical, economic development and education/workforce development communities. The SMART Not For Profit membership company was formed to execute the vision of this initiative. SMART membership is composed of academia, businesses, government labs/field agencies and professional associations. The SMART membership will continue to execute the daily actions of SMART via 15 focus groups. SMART is a national model for regional actions; SMART has members and participation from across the nation. Further, SMART is extremely active with our International Allies.

Since 1999, SMART has conducted 292 significant events, addressed numerous case studies and facilitated $624M in direct SMART projects and $1.2B in indirect projects. Contact Executive Director Robert Carullo at or 609-304-2904. 


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