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SMART General Member Info

Contact Bob Carullo at or  609-304-2904  for further membership information and an invoice if needed.

We invite the technology community to join our current, proactive SMART members. Increased regional membership and regional, national and international collaboration will result in a more competitive Mid-Atlantic Region that will benefit all participants.

Benefits of Membership 

1. Direction and Execution of Mid-Atlantic S&T Issues.

While the Congressional Delegation, the States and the Board of Directors oversee the strategic direction of the initiative, the SMART NFP Membership provide the input to this direction and the daily tactical execution 

2. Unique Networking and Collaboration
The uniqueness of the SMART initiative is the range and depth of the formal components. This affords our members increased and formal collaboration among: 
  • SMART Congressional Delegation - 8 Senators and 41 Members of the DE, MD, NJ & PA delegation
  • Federal Executive Branch Agencies - 56 DC Headquarter Agencies
  • States - Executive & Legislative Branches of DE, MD, NJ & PA and further access to Local Government
  • Regional Technology Community
  •     - Academia - 660 Universities/Colleges
  •     - Businesses - Most of our nation's major corporations; thousands of innovative Small Businesses.
  •     - Government Labs and Field Agencies - Hundreds of Fed/State/Local activities with partnering and  funding opportunities
  • Professional Associations - Scores of organizations with specialized support, access and networking 
3. Focus Group Activities and Leadership
The pro-active members of SMART participate in our Focus Groups which cover specific topics of technical enterprise, economic development and STEM education/workforce development for the region. Members have leadership opportunities with the Groups, gaining added visibility and networking opportunities.
4. Membership Categories and Rates:

- Universities
- Colleges/Community Colleges
- K-12

- Large Business (500+)
- Medium Business (201-500)
- Small Business (11-200)
- Micro Business (1-10)
Government Labs and Agencies 

- Federal Labs/Field Agencies
- State Agencies & Major Cities
- Local Counties/Towns
Professional Associations                                                  

   (dues or reciprocal agreement)

Special Categories: 


Our active International Group individually manages the memberships of our Allies. We coordinate with the appropriate US Departments of State and Commerce and others as needed. We further closely work with the four States' International Offices. We also coordinate with the UN, DC Embassies and local Consulates.

SMART Benefactors 

The SMART Benefactors are those who have increased benefits led by leadership positions and keynotes at our annual events. Rates are $25,000, $10,000 and $5,000. 

Major Industry Committee 

The Major Industry Committee is composed of all SMART members over $5,000. This Committee provides the primary strategic inputs to the Caucus and the SMART Board. It conducts pre-meetings at all major events in Washington DC, meeting with the Caucus and State leaders and the Board to address the strategic direction of the SMART initiative. The Executive SubCommittee prepares the agenda and accomplishes all actions before and after the meetings.

SMART Enrollment Forms

Copy and paste below into an e-mail and send to Bob Carullo at or mail as directed below.

Call 609-304-2904  if an invoice if needed or you have further questions.

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FORM                      Date:

Membership Categories (Please delete others or annotate)   

  Gold Benefactor                                        $25,000        


  Silver Benefactor                                      $10,000

  Bronze Benefactor                                      $5,000    


  Large Business (501 + employees)                $5,000       

– Small Business (201 to 500 employees)        $1,000       

– Small Business (11 to 200 employees)             $500        

– Micro Small Business (1-10 employees)          $200         


  Universities and Federal Labs/Agencies      $1,000     

– Colleges and State Agencies                         $500      

– Schools and Local Gov’t                                $250      

Annual period is from date of application. Please complete this form and mail or e-mail as directed below with payment. If you need an invoice, contact Pam Fillion at  or 609-268-3205.




Contact Bob Carullo for Benefactor benefits (Board positions, etc) and other membership questions at

                                       or 609-304-2904.


To pay by check, please make check payable to SMART and mail to:

Pamela Fillion, SMART Treasurer

17 Crested Butte Court, Shamong, NJ 08088-8227


If paying by credit card, complete below and mail to above or e-mail to . We will complete a credit card transaction for the amount listed above:

a. Card Type (AMEX, VISA, etc):

b. Full Name on Card:                    

c. Account Number:                        

d. Expiration Date:                         

e. Security Code:                            

f. Billing Address:                          


Company  Name:


Mailing Address:

Contact Name:


            Phone:                                     Mobile:                                               Fax:

Number of Employees:

SMART Advantage

The SMART Congressional initiative is the integration of regional Science & Technology activities for issues, events & projects among the SMART Congressional Delegation (8 Senators and 39 Representatives of DE, MD, NJ & PA), the Federal Executive Branch DC HQs, our International Allies, the four State governments (Executive & Legislative branches) and the regional technical, economic development and education/workforce development communities. The SMART Not For Profit membership company was formed to execute the vision of this initiative. SMART membership is composed of academia, businesses, government labs/field agencies and professional associations. The SMART membership will continue to execute the daily actions of SMART via 15 focus groups. SMART is a national model for regional actions; SMART has members and participation from across the nation. Further, SMART is extremely active with our International Allies.

Since 1999, SMART has conducted 292 significant events, addressed numerous case studies and facilitated $624M in direct SMART projects and $1.2B in indirect projects. Contact Executive Director Robert Carullo at or 609-304-2904. 


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